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Home Doctor Handyman emerges as your neighbourhood champion, catering to every nuance of your home maintenance and remodeling needs. With over 35 years of experience in keeping homes beautiful. Experience the finesse of craftsmanship, meticulously executed by a maestro with a rich tapestry of over 40 years in all facets of home upkeep. We cradle your home with the same affection and gentleness as we would our own, intertwining love, kindness, and genuine customer relationships into every interaction and service provided.

Welcome to the Home Doctor Handyman Family!

From the moment you choose us, you become far more than just a customer; you become an integral part of our family. Here at Home Doctor Handyman, we don’t just see houses; we see the cherished spaces where your life unfolds and memories are crafted. Your home, where every nook and cranny holds a special story, deserves nothing but the utmost care and attention to preserve its beauty and warmth for generations to come.

We embrace your home with open arms and a dedicated spirit, ensuring it receives the tender, loving care it rightfully deserves. Together, let’s create a sanctuary that continues to blossom, safeguarding the precious moments that echo within its walls.

Your home, your stories, our family – let’s build a future, hand in hand, ensuring every corner of your dwelling is enveloped in love and meticulous attention. Welcome to a journey where your home is not just maintained but cherished, just like how every family should be.


Services We Deliver

plumber fixing a sink


Home Doctor can handale all of your common plumbing requirements from leakey taps to full bathroom refurbsihment.

plumber fixing a sink


Home Doctor can handle all of your common electrical requirements from fault finding to appliance installation.

a carpenter working on flooring


Home Doctor can take care of all your carpentry needs from replacing skirting to installing complete kitchens.

a beautiful tiled bathroom


Home Doctor can take care of all  your tiling requirements for bathrooms, kitchens, walls and floors.

painting swatch collection with cans of colour paint


Home Doctor can do all of your painting from a single wall to a complete home repaint.  From colour selection to prefection.

a beautiful kitchen with mood lighting


Home Doctor can install all of your home mood lighting, from traditional lighting to wifi controlled kits to create any mood.

a carpenter working on flooring


Home Doctor can create beautiful eye eye-catching wall panelling for your home that gives each space its own character.

oven installation by technician

Appliance Installation

Home Doctor can install all of your electrical appliances from single ovens to complete kitchen setups.

Please beware that Home Doctor cannot assist with any of your gas or oil central heating requirements.  You will need a fully qualified and certified service engineer to do this type of work and you should insist on seeing their credentials before allowing them to work on your heating system.

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